Sea Love Charters

Trip Schedules

We have full and half-day fishing trips departing daily. Don't worry about a fishing license; the vessel's license covers everyone aboard. Your fishing tackle and bait are also provided. All you need to bring is something to eat, drink and something to carry home the day's catch in. For a small charge, the mates will fillet your catch right at the dock.  The following is a list of trips that are currently being ran:

REGULAR ALL-DAY:  Depart at 8:00am and Return at 4:00pm
MORNING HALF-DAY:  Depart at 8:00am and Return at 12:00pm

The following trips are not the norm.  In other words, these trips happen when we have 15 or more people requesting them.

AFTERNOON HALF-DAY:  Depart at 1:00pm and Return at 5:00pm
EARLY BIRD (12 hrs):  Depart at 6:00am and Return at 6:00pm

*Trips are subject to changes due to weather and minimum amount of passengers*

We suggest that you make reservations for all trips and arrive no later than 30 minutes before the departure time.


Adult - $80
Seniors (60 and Older) - $75
Kids (14 and Under) - $70

Adult - $60
Seniors (60 and Older) - $55
Kids (14 and Under) - $50

Per Person - $140

*Prices are subject to change due to fuel prices*
*Gratuity not included in prices*

Before you and your family show up for your fishing trip, we strongly suggest that you keep a good eye on the weather.  The office personnel will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the weather forecast for your scheduled trip.  You will receive a call from our office personnel a day prior to any trip that must be canceled.  You can also check out the week's weather conditions at