Sea Love Charters

                                         Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the trip, what time do you leave, and how much fishing time? 

It is $60 for the ½ day and $80 for the all day.  There are discounts for seniors and kids.  On a morning ½ day, the boat leaves at 8:00am and returns at noon, with 2-3 hours of fishing time.  On the all day, the boat leaves at 8:00am and returns at 4:00pm.  There are typically 4-5 hours of fishing on the all day.

Are reservations and a deposit required for open trips? 

Please call before your trip to reserve a spot.  No deposit is required.  All we need is your name and phone number.  Please have the courtesy to call if you need to cancel your trip.

Is a deposit required for private charters?

We require a ½ deposit for all private charters.
What time should I arrive at the dock? 

We would like you to arrive between 7:00 and 7:30.  Please come to the marina office to pay for your ticket.

Can I reserve a stern spot?

No, it is first come first serve for the stern.  The marina gate opens at 6:15am.

What is provided and what do I need to bring? 

We provide all tackle (rods, reels, hooks and sinkers), bait (squid), and fishing licenses.  Just bring something to eat and drink.  Coolers and beer are allowed.  Please no glass bottles or liquor.  The summer months are hot, so bring plenty to drink and sunscreen.

What size cooler can I bring?

You only need to bring a cooler to accommodate your food and drinks.  We provide an iced fish box on the boat to store your catch during the day.

What if the ocean and/or weather gets rough?

If the weather looks real bad, we will call you the night before to cancel the trip.  If the weather looks questionable, we will run the trip and see what the ocean is like.  If we drop the anchor and fish but come back early, we will give you a rain check.

How soon should I book a trip?

Several days in advance is usually fine.  Weekends are typically busy, so please call well in advance.  All we ask is please call if you need to cancel.             

Are there any age requirements? 

There is no age requirement; however, the ocean can get rough so think twice before bringing infants and toddlers.

What kind of fishing do you do and where? 

We fish 10-30 miles offshore on the Atlantic Ocean.  Depths range from 60’-100’.  We anchor the boat and bottom fish on artificial reefs, wrecks, live bottom, and ledges.  Inshore fishing is done on the intercoastal and is only done with our skiff boat.

What kind of fish do you catch? 

Typical bottom fish that we catch include vermillion snapper, red snapper, gag grouper, trigger fish, black sea bass, amberjack, sharks, and cobia.  Pelagic fish that have been caught include blackfin tuna, dolphin, kingfish, wahoo, and sailfish.  Inshore fish include red fish, trout and flounder.

Who can clean our fish?

On the party boats, the crew will clean your fish for $.35/lb.   On Reel Therapy and the skiff, the cost of fish cleaning is included in the cost of the charter.

What can I do with my fish if I’m from out of town?

Fresh fillets can stay on ice in the cooler or be refrigerated for up to a week.  If you are traveling back home by air, airlines do not allow coolers with ice on the aircraft.   If you can, we suggest that you freeze the fillets, wrap them in newspaper and towels, put them in your luggage and they should still be frozen when you arrive home.  Dry ice is also an option for air travel.

What if I catch a trophy fish?

All we need is a length measurement of the fish, and we can either release the fish or bring it back to the dock to fillet.  Our taxidermist uses the measurements to make a replica mount.  Please ask one of the mates if you would like to get your fish mounted.

Can I bring my own rod and reel?

Please do, we encourage people to bring their own tackle.  We, however, discourage the use of power pro and spider wire line.  It is hard to undo tangles and once it gets caught in the prop, it can chew into the metal shaft.
Is there a bathroom/head on the boat? 

The Sea Love II, III and Reel Therapy have bathrooms.  The skiff boat does not.

Is there air conditioning on the boat?

Sea Love II, III and the skiff boat do not have air conditioning.  Our sport boat Reel Therapy, however, does have air conditioning.
How many people typically go on the boat?

Every day is different and there is no typical amount.  Sea Love II holds 61 passengers and the Sea Love III holds 30.  The largest crowds tend to be on the weekends during the summer. 

When is the best time to go? 

We catch plenty of fish year round.  However, the change of seasons, when the water warms up (March-May) and when the water cools (September-November), is generally better.